Typeform is an online platform to collect and share information in a conversational way.  There, you can create things like forms and even apps without needing to know how to write code. This tutorial shows:

  • How to embed a Typeform form into your canvas
  • How to embed a Typeform form in a window

How to embed a Typeform form into your canvas

To embed the Typeform directly into the canvas of your genially: 

1. Go to the Editor of the genially you want it in, and open the section Insert located in the left sidebar. Then click on the Others tab.

2. Go to Typeform and find the survey or form you will insert into Genially. Copy the link of the Typeform.

3. Now go back to your Genially Editor. Paste the link and click on Insert.

4. Lastly, adapt the size of the Typeform to improve the visual experience.

How to embed the Typeform form in a window

You can also embed a Typeform into a pop-up window in order to view it when you click on an interactive element in the canvas. 


1. Select the interactive element and click on the Interactivity button.

2. Select the Window option. 

3. Click on the Code view button and paste the embed code of your Typeform.

4. Click on the Code view button again to preview the map. 

5. Save the changes.