One of the options that will help optimize and facilitate the editing of your work is the option to group elements. It will allow you to move, rotate, change color, or take any other kind of action on a single group.

In order to make a group, you'll need to have multi-select or in other words, select the elements you wish to make a group with.

To multi-select, you need to hold down the control/command key or the shift key and click on the objects you wish to select.

You can also drag the cursor to make a selection box appear that will allow you to select elements that are included in that box.

Steps to group elements

Once you have made your selection, you must click on the Group icon that will appear just above the selected items, although you can also find it in the toolbar.

Group button in the editing bar

Once the group is created you can edit the text and the elements together within the group by simply clicking on it.

Edit grouped elements

To ungroup the elements you only have to select the group and click again on the Group icon that appears just above the group, and then you can edit the elements separately.

Ungroup elements to edit them

TIP: Remember that if you group a set of elements that have some kind of animation applied, the interactivity and animation values will be lost. You will be able to apply animation and/or interactivity to the set of grouped elements.