Do you know all the possibilities for editing resources in Genially? The options menu was created to make it very easy for you to modify the appearance of the resources you choose. In just a few clicks, you can transform any element to adjust it to your creation.

In this tutorial we’re going to explore the resource editing menu and discover all the possibilities to get the most out of it!

Editing bar

The following are the options in the editing menu. You’ll see them in the upper toolbar when you select a resource.

Cut resources

When you want to move a resource from one place to another without duplicating it, the Cut option is the most practical. You can do this with the scissors icon or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + X.

Copy and paste resources

Perhaps the most well-known keyboard shortcut is the one to copy and paste. Press the keys Ctrl/Cmd + C to copy and Ctrl/Cmd + V to paste. The copy and paste icons in the toolbar of the Editor work in the same way.

When you copy and paste a resource, it maintains its animation and interactivity.

TIP: You can select multiple elements at once and copy and paste them all together. It saves a lot of time!

Delete resources

To delete a resource in Genially, you have various options:

  • Select the element and click on the bin icon you see in the upper toolbar.
  • You can also select the element and press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard. 
  • Another method is to right-click on the resource and in the menu of options that appears, select Delete

Steps to delete resources

As with copying and pasting, it’s possible to delete several elements at once by using multi-select.

Lock resources

Has it ever happened to you that while editing your genially you accidentally moved an element you didn’t mean to move? Well, you can avoid that by using the Lock option.

The Lock icon appears in two different places; use the one that you find most convenient:

  • Above the element when you select it
  • In the toolbar that appears at the top of the Editor when you select an element

Lock button

When you lock an element, you can edit it normally but you can’t change its position unless you unlock it.

Steps to block a resource

Put resources in order

With this icon you can place the elements in order of depth; in other words, send an element to the background, bring it in front, or place it in an intermediate position.

To use it, select the element and click on the Put in order button in the top toolbar. Several options will display; choose the priority you want to give to that element. If you have lots of elements, click a few times on the desired option until the element is in the place you want.

Steps to put resources in order

You can also put your elements in order using Designer mode. In this tutorial you can learn more about this feature.

Position resources

This is the quickest and most precise way to position elements. When you click on the Position icon, nine further icons will appear, which represent nine possible positions. Click on the element you want to position and then on the icon of the position you want.

Steps to position an element

Modify the opacity of resources

Edit the transparency of any resource to create interesting filter effects on an image, reduce the intensity of a background to improve the legibility of the text you put on it, or for any other reason you can think of.

To do this, click on the element and then on the Opacity option in the toolbar. Slide the selector that appears from side to side to adjust to the level of opacity you want.

Steps to modify the opacity of a resource

Change the color of resources

To change the color of a resource, select it and then click on the Color option in the toolbar at the top of the Editor. The color selector will appear.

As well as a wide range of colors to choose from, the following additional sections appear: 

  • Recent colors: with the last colors you’ve used.
  • Brand colors: you can save your brand colors and have them always available in the Editor to include them in your creations in just one click. If you want to know more about this, visit this tutorial.
  • Document colors: it allows you to assign a hierarchy of colors to your creation. You’ll find all the details about this feature in this tutorial

Steps to change the color of resources

Drag resources

This feature allows you to make elements of your genially draggable when in view mode. Discover how to use it in this tutorial.