Masks are a useful and practical feature that allow you to add great visual effects to your images in very little time. As well as cropping them to the shape and size you like, you can center them to show only the area you want.

In this tutorial you’ll learn:

How to add a mask to an image and edit it

1. Select an image or GIF on your canvas.

2. In the toolbar, find the Masks button and choose the one you want by clicking on it. It will automatically be applied to the image.

Masc button on the Editor

3. Click on Edit image in the toolbar. You can change the size of the frame and the image. You can also drag the image within the frame to modify its position and make it show the part you want, as you’ll see below.

Steps to make a clipping mask or add a frame to an image

You can learn more about editing images here.

How to replace an image in a mask

To save time when editing your genially, you can substitute any image maintaining the mask that’s applied to it. 

1. Click on the Replace button that appears above the image when you click on it.

2. Choose the image you want to use. In the left sidebar you’ll see all the available options for adding an image.

3. Crop it however you like by following the steps detailed above and click on the blue icon to save the changes.

Steps to replace an image in a clipping mask