What do onions and geniallys have in common? They both have layers!

Although it may seem like the canvas where you're creating your genially has only two dimensions, it actually has three. The third dimension is depth.


Every time you add an element, a new layer is added to your canvas. In other words, you will have as many layers as there are elements on your canvas


In this tutorial you will learn how to arrange the elements on each page of your creations. 


How to arrange elements by layer


To arrange the layers on the canvas, follow these steps:

  1. Select the element you want to arrange
  2. Click on the ‘Put in order’ button on the toolbar
  3. A menu with 4 options appears
    1. Click on the first option (starting from the left) to move the element to the top layer of the page
    2. Click on the second option to move the element forward one layer 
    3. Click on the third option to move the element back one layer 
    4. Click on the fourth option to move the element to the bottom layer of the page


Use the Designer mode option to name and view the order of all layers in one convenient place.