Did you know that in Genially you have unlimited space for your creations? Yep, in the free version of the tool too. Whatever plan you have, you can make as many geniallys as you want. There’s nothing to limit your creativity!

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to save your geniallys.

How to save a genially

Any time you create a new genially, reuse a creation, receive a copy of a genially, or receive an invitation to collaborate, the genially will appear in the Creations section of your main Panel

If you click on the Create genially button when inside a folder, the new genially will appear in that folder.

While you’re editing your creations, changes are saved automatically within a few seconds.

In the save status that appears at the top left of your screen, just above the upper toolbar, you’ll see the status of the changes you’ve made. These are the statuses that can appear:

  • Saved: all the changes made have been saved.
  • Unsaved changes: there are some changes which have not yet been saved. To save them, click on the status, or on the blue tick icon next to it.
  • Saving: the changes are in the process of being saved. 

Status bar in the Editor

Tips to make sure all your changes are saved properly

1. When the save status shows Unsaved changes or Saving, don’t exit the Editor. Wait for the status to change to Saved to avoid losing your changes.

2. Edit in one browser tab only. If you have the Editor open in multiple tabs, you could lose some changes.

Warning message about multiple Genially tabs open

3. It’s essential to have a good internet connection while you’re editing your geniallys, as an unstable connection means you risk not saving information or changes. If connection problems are detected, a notification will display at the top of the Editor.