The size of the canvas of a genially can be modified. This option is especially useful for creations that are started from scratch, or in other words, for ones that don't use a template.


Here are the steps to follow:


1. Once in the Editor, go to the bottom part of your canvas.


2. Click on the Canvas button located in the lower central part of your screen. A setup menu will open on the right side of the Editor.


3. At the top of the menu, the option “Maintain proportions” appears (enabled by default). Using this option, you only need to modify one of the two dimensions (width or height). The other dimension is automatically calculated to maintain the proportions.

  • Disable this option if you need to enter exact dimensions for both width and height.


4. Once you've entered the desired dimensions, click on the button Apply changes


5. You can also select a predefined size from the options presented in the menu.


IMPORTANT: We recommend defining the canvas size before you start editing and designing your creation because when you change the canvas size, you must readjust all the elements you have already inserted into the canvas manually. The same principle applies if you modify the size of the templates.

TIP: In case you need to resize the canvas after you have edited or used a template, you have the option to select all elements on each page to adjust the size to the resized canvas.