Did you know that you can turn any image into a button? All you have to do is add a link and when your audience clicks on the image, the page you’ve linked will open.

This trick also works with the images you insert in the windows and tooltips of your genially. Use interactivity to its full potential! These are the steps to follow:

1. In the Editor, select the element or resource you want to add window or tooltip interactivity to and click on the Add interactivity icon.

2. Select the type of interactivity, Tooltip or Window, and insert the image you want to act like a button.

3. Click on the image and the editing options will appear below. 

4. Select the option Insert link, and paste the link you want the button to lead to.

Steps to use an image as a button in a window or tooltip

And that’s it! Now you have another layer of interactivity in your Genially creations.