The best way to progress quickly in creating great content is by using a template. You don’t have to start from scratch! In Genially you’ll find over 1,000 templates you can use to create amazing content on any topic, with no need for design or programming knowledge.

All the templates are designed by professionals, based on principles of visual communication. They’ve got everything you need to succeed! Say goodbye to boring content and choose a template; you’ll get stunning results with interactivity and animation in no time at all.

In this tutorial we’ll look at: 

How to select a template

1. To begin your selection process, Go to your Panel and click on 'Create genially' on the top left.

Buttons in the panel to create a genially

2. You will be taken to the templates area, a space with all the types of creations you can make with Genially, and a search box.

This classification is simply a way of organizing the templates; a suggestion. You can search for the type of creation you’re interested in, enter words related to what you want to create to see suggestions, or let your imagination and creativity take over and start with a blank creation.

Click on the type of content you’d like to explore or use the search box to find templates related to what you want to create.

Templates section

3. You will find yourself in the gallery where you’ll see thumbnails of all the templates there are for the type of creation you selected. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can change categories in the left sidebar without having to go back to the main Panel.

Templates gallery

4. Found a template that you like? Click on the thumbnail to view it and see if it matches your needs. In the preview of a template you can: 

  • See the default navigation mode between pages
  • See the animations the template includes
  • Try out the interactive elements
  • Change the colors (available for some templates)

5. If you decide it’s not what you’re looking for, close the preview by clicking on the X in the top right-hand corner.

When you decide on a template, click on the 'Use this template' button. A window will open which will show you thumbnails of all of the pages that the template includes. Choose the ones you want to use and click on 'Add'

Your new creation will open in the Editor.

Steps to choose a template

TIP: If you don’t see the 'Use this template button', reduce the zoom of your browser by pressing CTRL and - or CMD and - on a Mac, as if it’s over 100% your browser will hide this button.

What are the premium templates and how do I access them?

As well as thousands of free templates, in Genially there are also premium templates. You can tell which ones they are by the star that appears in the top right-hand corner, and in order to access them you need to have a premium plan.

You can choose to only see free templates or only premium templates by using the filter at the top of the template gallery, as shown below.

Filter premium templates

Have you fallen in love with a premium template? It happens; they’re irresistible!

Click on the button that says 'Get this template'. You’ll see the plans page, where you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Think we’re missing a template? Let us know! Our mission is to make sure your content is amazing.