PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer the service of integrating Google Analytics with Genially. Only users who had activated this integration previously will continue to receive information in their Google Analytics account. 


If you would like more information about this change, we recommend reading this article.


In any case, we would encourage you to use Genially’s own analytics, with which you can get information about how your audience interacts with your creations, without leaving Genially or having to integrate an external platform. 


What information about my geniallys can I see in Google Analytics?


If you’re one of the few who can still use this feature, you’ll continue to receive statistics on the activity of your geniallys in your Google Analytics account. Some of the most interesting stats that you can obtain are:

  • Visits or views of your geniallys
  • Audience interactions with your creations 
  • Average viewing time
  • Main geographical locations
  • Measurements in real time or past measurements 


In Google Analytics you'll be able to identify your geniallys using: 

  • The ID of your genially which is a chain that looks like this: /5a00a00a00a00s0a0sa0000a0a You’ll see only the ID of the genially when your audience views the exclusive page.  
  • The ID and title of your genially. You'll see the ID followed by the name when your audience views the social page of your genially. 


NOTE: You can find the ID of your genially in its URL.


To learn more about the metrics you can obtain and how to view them in the Google Analytics panel, check out this tutorial. 


Ubicar el ID de un genially en la barra de direcciones del navegador