PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer the service of integrating Google Analytics with Genially. Only users who had activated this integration previously will continue to receive information in their Google Analytics account. 


If you would like more information about this change, we recommend reading this article.


In any case, we would encourage you to use Genially’s own analytics, with which you can get information about how your audience interacts with your creations, without leaving Genially or having to integrate an external platform. 

In this tutorial we'll look at how to view and obtain your tracking ID in Google Analytics:

What is the Google Analytics tracking ID

The tracking ID is a chain similar to UA-00000000-0. This ID can be inserted in Genially to monitor all the activity of your creations in the panel of Google Analytics, which we explain how to do in this tutorial. Integrating GA in Genially takes less than 30 seconds and doesn't require any programming skills.


How to see your Google Analytics tracking ID

To see your ID:

1. Start a session in Google Analytics.

2. Open the tab All web site data. In the window that unfolds, you'll see your ID.


How to copy your Google Analytics tracking ID

To copy your tracking ID:

1. Click on Admin.

2. In the new window, click on Property Settings.

3. From here you'll be able to copy your tracking ID and manage other aspects of it.