SoundCloud is an audio platform where anyone can upload their music. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add music from SoundCloud to your Genially creations.

To add music to the canvas of your genially:

1. Go to SoundCloud.

2. Find the audio or song you want.

3. Click on the Share button.

4. In the pop-up window, select the Embed section and copy the code that appears.

Obtain the embed code of a SoundCloud audio

5. Now go to Genially. Click on Insert in the left sidebar, select the Others tab and paste the code in the space that appears, as seen below.

Inserting the SoundCloud code in your genially

All set! You have inserted your SoundCloud audio. Remember:

  • You have to click on the play button of the audio to get it to start playing. 
  • The audio will only play on the page you have inserted it on.

Important: From the Editor in Genially it is not possible to configure audios added from SoundCloud. However, you can configure the autoplay option from SoundCloud before you copy the code.

Activate automatic play option from SoundCloud