It’s likely that on more than one occasion you’ve wanted to share your geniallys and inspire other members of the community. After all, after putting all that effort and thought into the creation process, your geniallys are worth sharing!


Surprise! You can! With the Reuse feature, you can allow our other users to reuse your creation as a template they can edit in their own account. A copy of your genially will be sent to their account, and the edits they make won’t have any effect on the original genially.


These are the available options for reusing a genially. You can: 


Marking a genially as reusable when you publish it

With this option, you can make your geniallys available for reuse the moment they’re published by following these simple steps:

  • Once you’ve finished editing your genially, click on the ‘All Set’ button, found in the upper-right corner of the Editor.
  • A window will open that allows you to edit your genially’s privacy settings: this is where you should mark your creation as Reusable.
  • Share the social link so that others can use it. That’s it!

Marking a previously published genially as reusable

You can also go back and mark geniallys as reusable after you’ve published them. To do so:

  • From your Panel, click on the genially you’d like to mark as reusable.
  • Click on the icon found in the upper-right corner of the Editor to access your genially’s 'Settings'.
  • Open the 'Privacy' tab.
  • Mark the option 'Reuse' and click on 'All Set'.
  • Share the social link so that others can use it. That’s it!

TIP: Uncheck this option if you don’t want your genially to be reusable by other users.

Mark a genially reusable in your a workspace

No matter what type of subscription your workspace has, you can mark your creations as reusable by following the steps in this tutorial. Only users with the role of Owner in a plan that allows it can disable the option to mark creations made in the workspace as reusable.

Find out why you can’t reuse a creation

We invite you to visit the following tutorial, where we explain in which cases a genially cannot be reused.