Did you know about the Document Colors feature in Genially? You can use it to change the color of all the elements in your genially in just one click, as if by magic. Discover in seconds what the best color palette for your creation is and transform your genially’s look in a flash.


In this tutorial we’ll show you:

What are document colors?

It’s a feature that allows you to choose up to three colors (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and apply them to your creation’s text boxes, resources, interactive elements, and Smartblocks super quickly.


The main advantage of using document colors is that once you’ve assigned a color to each element, you can change all the colors at once in just one click. This allows you to try different color palettes and choose the best one for your creation quickly and easily.


Document colors is a Premium feature, although we do offer ready-made color palettes so that personalizing your creations is really easy to do. Take a quick look at this page to find out if your plan includes this feature.

How to choose document colors

It’s oh so easy! Click on the palette icon, located on the bottom right of the Editor, and the color settings will open. You can choose three main colors for your creation or choose one of the suggested color palettes.

Defining document colors

How to apply document colors

Once you’ve decided on the three main colors of your document, you can now start applying them to the elements in your creation to personalize your design. To achieve the best results, remember the order and hierarchy of your content when you’re choosing from the three colors.


The elements that have a document color applied to them will change color any time you modify the color palette from the Document Colors section. This way, editing the colors of your genially from here on out will be a really quick and easy task.

Applying document colors

For example, you can try the following combination: use the primary color for titles, the secondary for buttons, and the tertiary for texts.


There are as many combinations as there are colors in the universe. Let your imagination run free and try different color combinations until you find the one that best suits the style of your creation. It’s a very easy and effective way to make your creations more visually appealing.

Is one of your elements not changing color?

Find out how to fix that in this tutorial: Why isn’t this element changing color?