Wooclap is a really quick and easy platform that can be used to interact with your audience in real time while you give a presentation or speak at a conference.

It offers a large variety of creation types so that you can find the one that best fits your audience. They include: Surveys, word clouds, brain storms, open questions, ratings and more.

How to create a Wooclap

To create an event in Wooclap:

  • Sign up and log into Wooclap.
  • Click on the Create an event button.
  • Choose the event that best fits your communication needs.
  • Fill in your event with information or questions of your choice.
  • Click on Save.

Steps to create a Wooclap

How to get a code to insert your Wooclap

Alright, now you’ve made your Wooclap. Now, follow these steps to get the iframe code and insert it into your genially.

  • Do to the Main Dashboard of Wooclap and click on the event you’ve created.
  • Click on the 3 dots found in the upper-right corner of your event.
  • Click on “Copy iframe code” (insert)
  • All set. You have the code you need to insert this into your genially.

Steps to get a code to insert your Wooclap

How to insert your Wooclap into a genially

Awesome, now you have your code ready to be inserted into your genially. Now, you just need to:

  • Go to the Panel of your Genially and enter your creation.
  • Click on Insert and then Others.
  • Paste the code of your Wooclap into the rectangle where you can insert external content.
  • Click on Insert. Great, now you have your Wooclap inside your genially.

Steps to insert your Wooclap into a genially